On-Campus Students

Acceptable donations

Before donating, review the list of items that ShareFest accepts.

On-campus collection dates

Wednesday, May 10 through Friday, May 12

Donation collection areas

On-campus students can donate at the designated area in each residence hall.

  • Anderson: first floor living area
  • Beechwoods: main lobby area (nook near front doors)
  • Bishop: basement living area near fireplace (west side)
  • Brandon: lower level at the base of the central staircase near the short railing
  • Clawson: closed for renovation
  • Collins: basement art studio
  • Dennison: back hallway near bike room
  • Dodds: first floor living room
  • Dorsey: lobby
  • Elliott: first floor living room
  • Emerson: basement in recreation room
  • Etheridge: first floor near mailboxes on east side
  • Flower: lower level at the bottom of the central stair case (in the nook under stairs)
  • Hahne: lower level corner adjacent to vending area
  • Hamilton: closed for renovation
  • Havighurst: first floor lobby
  • Hepburn: first floor lounge near the ping pong table adjacent to the entry vestibule
  • Heritage Commons: community building lobby
  • Hillcrest: main lobby area (front part near doors - not in back)
  • MacCracken: lobby
  • Maplestreet Station: first floor lobby
  • McBride: lobby
  • McFarland: first floor lobby
  • McKee: living room just to the left as you enter
  • Miami Inn: lobby
  • Minnich: first floor living room
  • Morris: basement lounge
  • Ogden: first floor living room (near the far corner)
  • Peabody: mail room on ground level, street side, Western Lodge side, room with tile floor
  • Porter: first floor living room
  • Richard: first floor living room
  • Scott: first floor lobby closets across from 179B office; around the corner from the mailboxes
  • Stanton: main lobby
  • Stoddard: first floor living room
  • Stonebridge: main lobby area (front part near doors - not in back)
  • Swing: basement recreation room
  • Symmes: main lobby
  • Tappan: main lobby
  • Thomson: front lobby adjacent to front door
  • Wells: main lobby (east side)
  • Wilson: closed (offline)